Are You Concerned That Your Child Is Less Than He or She Could Be?


There is probably nothing you want more than to see each child you love develop body and mind to his or her fullest inborn potential.

To that end……


Giving special attention to your child’s nutrition needs is probably far more important than you ever imagined.

Sure — you know you should keep an eye on how your kids eat. You know they need some meat and vegetables and that too much junk food is bad.

You may even go the extra mile and give them a children’s vitamin supplement. And you really deserve praise for doing that.

But please ask yourself if this is enough to get the job done?

How certain are you that your children’s nutrition needs are being met? And, if they are not being met, just how much damage is being done?

Well — the scientific research has been done and the results are not exactly pretty. Many, many studies have shown conclusively that our high carbohydrate modern diet is so devoid of essential nutrients that we are all at risk for unnecessary health problems.


Do your children get sick more often than you think they should? Do they complain of being bored?

Is watching TV their idea of a great time?

Are they moody, or is their behavior sometimes out of control?

These are all conditions that are so common that we have come to consider them as “normal.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. These are all signs of children suffering from the stress of under-nutrition.

But research shows that these ordinary, everyday miseries of childhood are only the tip of the iceberg. It has now been shown beyond a doubt that the foundation for such severe conditions as heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression, and obesity are all built upon the under-nutrition that begins with the typical childhood diet.


Suppose your child has the inborn potential for an IQ of 125, yet because of under-nutrition is functioning with an IQ of 110?

Since an IQ of 110 is still considerably above average, you probably have no reason to think that anything is amiss.

Suppose your child has the inborn vitality to mature into a creative, highly productive leader in some well-respected profession?

Yet suppose because of inadequate childhood nutrition he or she never has the ambition to rise above mediocrity?

How much difference can you really make in the lives of your children with a little extra attention to nutrition?

Science now shows us that you can enrich your children’s lives beyond your wildest expectations.

There is one and only one children’s nutrition supplement which has been developed to give your children everything that may be missing from their diet, as well as everything needed to compensate for the metabolic inefficiencies and biochemical imbalances caused by their less than perfect nutrition.

The name of that supplement is MIGHTY MINS..

You’ll learn more about its powerful combination of ingredients in just a minute, but first listen to this little story…

When NUTRI-SPEC created Mighty Mins and had finished their development of the product, they knew they had something special.

But we didn’t know just how good Mighty Mins was. We were eager to put Mighty Mins to the test in some rigorous clinical research study.

Now think about this: If you had developed a children’s supplement and wanted to put it to the most difficult challenge imaginable, what category of children would you choose for your test group?

How about a group of children with medically diagnosed hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, and violent behavior? If your new product could demonstrate in a scientific study a beneficial impact on these children, would you not be confident that you had a product that would meet the nutrition needs of all children?

This is exactly what happened with Mighty Mins. We were approached by the Prevention Program of the Mountain View Community Medical Association in Pennsylvania..

The Prevention Program serves the needs of children with disruptive behavior disorders, and wanted to create a research study to demonstrate whether a nutrition supplement could positively impact these uncontrollable kids.

If you want the “picture that is worth a thousand words” showing just what power Mighty Mins has to help your children, look at the chart below.

The children in this study had far more demanding nutrition needs than your children do, yet look at how their lives were completely turned around with Mighty Mins.

With Mighty Mins as the only means of therapeutic intervention, these children showed amazing (and statistically significant) improvement in all seven neuro-biological factors selected from the pediatric behavior scale.

Look at the change in temper bursts; look at the changes in moodiness and in learning problems, and in all the other seven factors. Mighty Mins is the only children’s supplement that has ever been tested in this way and showed such amazing clinical results.

That very same Mighty Mins is available to easily provide the nutrition needs of your own children.


One other pleasantly surprising finding in this study was that all the children that were taking drugs to control their behavior were able to stop the drugs when taking Mighty Mins.


How is it different from the typical children’s multiple you get from your pediatrician or buy at the health food store?

Your children get two unique benefits from Mighty Mins which set it apart from other chewable multiple vitamin-mineral supplements. The first benefit is the broad diversity of nutrients. No less than 31 nutritional factors are found in Mighty Mins.

The second novel benefit your kids get from Mighty Mins relates to the high biological activity of the nutrients. This means that the nutrients are provided in forms that are easily absorbed and participate most efficiently in your child’s metabolic processes.

This quality distinction between Mighty Mins and other sources of nutrients is so important that we have to give you some specific examples so you understand that …

Mighty Mins is an entirely different approach to supplying your children’s needs.

Go to the kitchen and get out the bread you feed your children, and a box of cereal.

Or maybe some multivitamin. Now read on the labels until you come to the B vitamins used to “enrich” these products.

You will likely find vitamin B1 listed there as thiamine hydrochloride; you will also find vitamin B6 listed as pyridoxine hydrochloride.

These are the forms of vitamin B1 and B6 universally used in nutrition supplements and in the enrichment of foods.

But here is something that no one ever told you: These are not the forms of these vitamins that are used naturally by your children’s growing bodies (nor in your own body for that matter).

Mighty Mins contains B vitamins in their biologically active enzyme co-factor form. Vitamin B2 exists in the form of riboflavin-5-phosphate, the form of the vitamin occurring naturally in tissues and cells.

And the vitamin B1 and B6? In Mighty Mins you will find them as thiamin pyrophosphate, and as pyridoxal-5-phosphate instead of the cheap stuff used in the food industry and in the supplement industry.

The Mighty Min enzyme co-factor forms of B vitamins, unlike common supplemental B vitamins, require no conversion in order to be efficiently utilized by your children.

Another noteworthy component of Mighty Mins is Vitamin C in fat-soluble form. This form of vitamin C is retained and utilized far more effectively than the ordinary water-soluble vitamin C.

An even more important benefit your children get from Mighty Mins (and the basis of its name) is its mineral and trace mineral content.

Again, efficiency of absorption and utilization is the key.

One example to illustrate what we mean is the trace mineral chromium. In Mighty Mins you find chromium polynicotinate, which has been shown to be 18 times more bio-active than other forms of chromium, and, which is also the form of chromium that relates specifically to preventing blood sugar (and brain sugar) problems in your children.

One other important consideration concerning B vitamins is a child’s ability to absorb them. The health food industry is happy to dress up its labels with mega doses of B vitamins making you think you are getting more for your money.

Using Vitamin B1 as an example, did you know that the maximum dose a child can absorb is less than 4 milligrams?

What does that say about a supplement that contains 10, 20, or even 50 milligrams of Vitamin B1? Whoever made that product is either ignorant or does not tell the truth.

Mighty Mins gives you the highest biological activity nutrients, in quantities for maximum absorption and utilization.

One other benefit from Mighty Mins compared to other children’s supplements is its high proportion of trace minerals to vitamins. Mighty Mins is formulated with careful consideration given to the diet of the typical child. Bread, cereal, and beverages are (as you know) commonly fortified with B and C vitamins, yet contain little, if any, trace minerals.

Trace mineral status is further jeopardized by the largely unrecognized fact that supplementation with vitamins can actually further deplete trace mineral levels.

This vitamin to trace mineral imbalance means that the typical children’s supplement may contribute to the destruction of your children’s health by further depleting them of critical trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, and manganese.

You can easily see that the scientific evidence supports Mighty Mins as being the most important thing you can do for every child you love.

Give your children a very special advantage. Start them on MIGHT MINS today.