NUTRI-SPEC’s Immune synbiotics



For decades, it has been known that healthy bacterial colonization of your intestinal lining is invaluable in preventing and treating gastrointestinal conditions and symptoms — everything from intestinal flu and bacterial infections to chronic irritable bowel conditions.

But the latest studies show that a rich intestinal microbiota has health benefits that reach far beyond the localized effects in the intestines. Consider these facts:

  • More than 70% of your immune system resides in the lining of your intestinal tract, and is activated from there by your microbiota to perform immune functions throughout your body.
  • Amazingly, the surface area of your intestines, if it were spread out flat, is the size of a tennis court — nearly 3,000 square feet.
  • The number of bacteria constituting the typical human microbiota — in other words, the number of critters living on the mucus and skin surfaces of your own body, is one hundred trillion microbes.
  • How many different species of bacteria make up your very own personal microbiota?
    Over a thousand different species live in your gut.
  • There are 10 times as many bacterial cells as human cells in your body.
  • There are more than 100 times the microbiota genes in your body than there is human DNA.
    (Read that again, and think …)
  • Researchers have discovered a “Intestine-Brain Axis” (Katja: gut brain axis really, whatever translates best) such that influences from your intestinal microbiota can actually control certain aspects of brain function, including attitudes, fears, and behavior. (Think about that …)
  • Research also shows that there is a direct axis (a communication system) from your microbiota-controlled intestinal lining to your muscles, to your fat cells, to your liver and to your pancreas. All aspects of your body’s metabolism are then influenced by your microbiota. Really, it would not be too much of a stretch to say that those 100 trillion microbes living throughout your body are YOU.

– They give you your identity. Through the Intestine-Liver Axis (gut–liver axis) , the Intestine-Muscle Axis (gut–muscle axis), and the intestine-Adipose Axis (gut–adipose axis) they control your metabolism. Through the Intestine-Brain Axis they influence many aspects of your personality and mood.Via the Intestine-Immune Axis (gut–immune axis) they control not only your resistance to disease, but also your rate of inflammaging — how fast you are aging relative to the ideal for your age.

Truly … the human microbiome is proving to be vastly more important to our health than the human genome.

  • Your intestinal microbiota also has a major impact on your hormone balance in two ways. First, it influences your liver’s processing and activation of hormones — everything from the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) to thyroid hormone.

Second, there is a direct link that researchers call the “Intestine-Hypothalamus Axis” (gut–hypothalamus axis) such that messengers sent from your intestines to your hypothalamus in the brain control the output of your pituitary, and from there the output of all your other hormones.

What you undoubtedly realize is that in our world of devitalized food and environmental toxins, there is no way you can maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota — and thus a healthy and balanced immune system.

Equally you won’t be able to maintain a healthy and balanced hormonal system, as well as healthy and balanced brain function — unless you take supplementation specifically to enhance your own individual microbiota.

But another finding from modern research is that supplementing with probiotics alone is not an effective way to either develop normal intestinal microbiota in children, or restore it in adults.

Prebiotics, either instead of, or better yet, in addition to probiotics, is the only way to assure your health is maximized by supplementation.

— Prebiotic + Probiotic = SYNBIOTIC —


The latest development in synbiotic supplementation is now available to you in 3 synbiotic supplements — each with its own unique benefits to intestinal function and to the immune system. To appreciate the value of 3 different synbiotic products, you must understand the concept of specificity.

You see, not all probiotics have the same effect on intestinal function, and the various probiotics have entirely different and even opposite effects on immune system function. In other words, not all probiotic supplementation is good, and some probiotic supplementation can even be extremely harmful.

To illustrate — there are many studies showing that when children are supplemented with common probiotics (such as L. acidophilus), a substantial percentage of the children actually develop wheezing and other upper respiratory distress, and many of them develop various types of dermatitis.

Those research findings probably surprise you — you are likely under the common misconception that probiotic supplementation is almost always at least a little beneficial and couldn’t possibly be harmful. — Not so.

Do those research findings prove that probiotics are “bad” for children?

Not at all. What they illustrate is that the children were supplemented with the wrong probiotics.

In particular, Lactobacillus acidophilus, by far the most common probiotic used in ordinary supplements, is one of the major culprits causing immune system distress in children, and can do so in adults as well.

On the other hand, given the proper probiotics for their age and for the stage of development of their gastrointestinal tract and their immune system, children thrive on proper prebiotic + probiotic supplementation.

Now you can see why we have developed 3 different synbiotic products:


Here is a test to see if you understand this concept of specificity — supplementation designed to meet a specific person’s needs. — Look at the names of the 3 synbiotic products, and decide which one you would choose for yourself.

If you are like a lot of people you might be thinking, “IMMUNE POWER — that’s for me! I really want a strong immune system.”

Be careful what you wish for. Many of the most severe immune-related health problems are not associated with a weak immune system, but rather with an immune system that is too strong — too reactive.

For example, most of the major autoimmune diseases — such as rheumatoid arthritis, insulin dependent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease — are associated with an immune system that is much, much too strong and extremely over-reactive — producing way too many inflammatory chemicals that create all sorts of nasty symptoms.

IMMUNE POWER would be the absolute worst synbiotic for such individuals to take. What they need is IMMUNE X-FLAM — a specific combination of probiotics research shows most effectively controls the inflammation produced by their type of over-reactive immune system.

At the other end of the health and disease spectrum are those whose immune systems are so weak that they need IMMUNE POWER.

These people overproduce an entirely different set of immune factors — which predisposes them to such conditions as chronic yeast infections, allergies, and asthma.

These individuals, if they supplemented with IMMUNE X-FLAM, would experience the same reaction as those children who developed wheezing and rashes in response to probiotic supplementation — their symptoms could get worse instead of better.

Clearly, you will get the best return for every euro you spend on your health if you choose the Immuno-Synbiotic supplement — IMMUNE RESTORE, IMMUNE X-FLAM, or IMMUNE POWER — that most specifically meets your needs.

But there is something else in addition to specificity that you must understand regarding the quality of probiotic supplements.

Even though your health food store has done its very best to provide you the highest quality probiotic supplements available — the truth is that even the highest quality probiotics are most of the time a waste of your money.

You see, almost none of the critters that were originally put in the product are available to you when you take the supplement.

The best research to quantify the loss of probiotic viability shows that only 4% of the bacteria claimed on the label of probiotic supplements actually makes it to your intestinal tract. Fully 96% of the critters are no longer viable.

What happened to them? Most of them were lost just as the product sat on the shelf. The shelf life of most probiotic critters is a couple months at best — so if you buy a product that is more than a couple months from the date it was made, you are already getting less than half of what you think you are getting.

Most of the critters that are still viable when you swallow the capsule or tablet are then killed in your upper GI tract by stomach acid and bile. Again, only 4% actually make it onto the tennis court — not nearly enough to do anything for your health.

Sadly, 96 cent out of every euro you spent was wasted, while at the same time you were given a false sense of security that you were doing something good for your health.

Now, at last, after many years of research, you have 3 synbiotic products with none of the deficiencies of typical probiotic supplements.

These products contain only the bacterial species with —


— Then, to assure even greater viability of the critters, the capsules have been made with the most advanced time release technology.

The capsules are protected in such a way to even further maximize shelf life — and even more impressively, delay the release of the capsule contents until after it has passed through the stomach acid and bile of the upper GI tract.


Here is a description of the 3 different Synbiotics. Read through the list and see if you find the one that is the most suitable for you:


This product features:

A unique proprietary blend of probiotics. Scientific research shows that they:

• Increase Bifidobacteria species, the most populous probiotics in the human gut †

• Benefit development of normal microbiota in young children †

• Benefit immune development in infants and young children †

• Increase immune-modulating butyrate †

• Are beneficial in gastrointestinal infections †

• Increase intestinal production of secretory Immunoglobulin A †

• Are beneficial during and after taking antibiotics †

• Decrease the metabolic stress associated with stress hormones such as cortisol & adrenalin †

• Improve mineral absorption and maintain bone density †

• Benefit all the effects of Metabolic Syndrome, including weight gain, elevated cholesterol, and atherosclerosis †

• Benefit the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome †


This product features:

A unique proprietary blend of probiotics. Scientific research shows that they:

• Benefit the anti-inflammatory actions of the immune system †

• Benefit the inflammatory immune reactivity in many autoimmune conditions †

• Particularly benefit inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract †

• Benefit atopic and non-allergic dermatitis †

• Help control excess immune system Th1 inflammatory cytokines †


This product features:

A unique proprietary blend of probiotics. Scientific research shows that they:

• Benefit immune defense against infections †

• Benefit the abnormal immune response in allergies and asthma †

• Benefit immune defense against yeast/fungal overgrowth †

• Benefit the immune response to yeast/mold/fungal toxins †

• Benefit the immune response in atopic dermatitis (eczema) †

• Benefit immune defense against malignant growth †

• Benefit defense against elevated mast cells, eosinophils, histamine, and Immunoglobulin E reactivity †


All 3 Immuno-Synbiotics feature the following PREBIOTICS

Glucomannan + Inulin = the two most potent prebiotics.

Scientific research shows that they:

• Benefit all immune-related inflammatory conditions and allergies, and decrease autoimmune disease antibodies †

• Increase immune-modulating butyrate better than any other dietary fiber †

• Benefit irritable bowel and all other intestinal inflammatory conditions †

• Improve absorption of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals †

• Improve intestinal detoxification †

• Benefit high blood sugar, aid in controlling insulin, and increase insulin sensitivity †

• Decrease body fat percent †

• Decrease triglycerides and decrease LDL cholesterol, without decreasing HDL cholesterol †

• Benefit high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

• Increase the population of beneficial intestinal microbiota

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.