Welcome to Nutri-Spec Finland

You are probably well aware that superior nutrition is essential for optimal physical and mental health. And you are also aware that many health problems can be caused largely because of poor nutrition.

Obviously nutrition is too important to neglect, but do you have the knowledge what type of nutrition you really need and what type of nutrition your family needs?

What’s the secret?


NUTRI-SPEC offers an analytical system of clinical nutrition.

In our clinic we provide the NUTRI-SPEC Testing procedure, which includes a comprehensive set of 46 different chemical and clinical tests.

The purpose of NUTRI-SPEC testing is to determine in what ways your body’s metabolism is out of balance.

From this information we can tell what foods and what supplements will bring you back into nutritional balance, as well as which foods and what supplements will tend to harm you.

What exactly do we mean when we say your metabolism is out of balance?

We are basically talking about five fundamental metabolic control systems that must function properly if you want to keep strong and live healthy.

These five metabolic control systems determine how efficiently your body and mind work in many ways.

  • they control your energy production
  • they control the function of your heart and circulation
  • they control the function of your brain and nervous system
  • they control how efficiently you digest and assimilate nutrients
  • they control the chemical balance in your blood and in your cells
  • they help regulate your hormone balance
  • they help you efficiently eliminate the toxic waste products of metabolism
  • they keep your immune system fully functional
  • they minimize the degenerative changes associated with the aging process.

In other words, these five fundamental metabolic control systems are the engines that drive your body and mind. When these engines are working efficiently, you move through life with strength and vitality…